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Haven  Chamber Orchestra

Healing Through Music Project

The Haven Chamber Orchestra is dedicated to performing for those in need of healing in our community through various genres of music. We provide community service* hours to those who participate in the orchestra. 


How old do I have to be to join?

All ages can join!

Where do I register?

Click here to register:

Everyone must sign a Liability Waiver which can be found here: 


When and how often will we meet?

We will meet every Saturday from mid-September through early December and mid-January through early May. Rehearsal times will be finalized soon. We plan to have monthly visiting concerts with prerequisite rehearsals before concerts.


What instruments will be in the chamber orchestra? 

Traditionally, a chamber orchestra consists of a violin, viola, and a cello, but if you play any other classical instrument such as a flute, oboe, or piano, feel free to join!

Where will we perform?

We plan to perform in areas of need such as senior centers, nursing homes, RI hospitals, public libraries, etc. 

Do I have to be an experienced musician to join? 

It is recommended that you have some musical background or experience in playing an instrument. If not, feel free to check out the free music school that Haven UMC offers.

About the instructors

Violinist Juhee Lee (left) is an incredibly gifted and

successful musician that has performed in various

locations around the world. There are also volunteer

instructors from Brown University.

* President's Volunteer Service Award

Haven UMC is a Certifying Organization that has been granted authority to give out the PVSA to volunteers for participation in the Music for Healing Project. Haven will only certify volunteer hours performed in conjunction with Haven UMC projects and programs.

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The Healing Through Music Project began as the Haven UMC Youth String Chamber Orchestra to provide healing music for the soul to the vulnerable and in crisis in the local community. The project served as our concrete missional practice and was expanded into a free music school at Haven UMC.

Ensemble students learn and master new skills through the classes. By performing for those in need of healing in the local community through various genres of music, students gain self-confidence, improve self-esteem and grow their interpersonal skills.

Our project reaches out to vulnerable groups such as people in nursing homes, addiction support groups, the homeless, and those in the hospital by offering them healing, recovery, empowerment and hope through music.

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